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Available february 2023


Use Films About Addiction & Recovery
to Generate Powerful Teachable Moments
During Mutual Support Meetings

integrates common treatment modalities like motivational interviewing, rational emotive behavioral theory, cognitive behavioral theory, and more. 

a simple, customizable meeting format

- Screen a film about addiction & recovery in group, or have patients watch it on their own time

- meet to Discuss what the story and themes of the entire film - or sections of the film - can teach participants about addiction

- Examine how and why the charac
ters in the films succeeded or failed in their recovery

- INCLUDES film synopses, movie trivia, character breakdowns, and questionnaires designed to pr
ovoke high levels of interactivity & participant engagement




The Recovery Movie MeetupsTM Program is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of review and oversight by licensed therapists, clinicians, researchers, and other leaders in the addiction and recovery field.

We are proud to have the following individuals on
our Technical Advisor
y Committee:

A. Tom Horva
th, PhD, ABPP
President, Practical Recovery

Co-Founder and Former President of SMART Recovery USA 

John De Miranda, Ed.M
Former Executive Director, National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)
President & CEO, Peninsula Health Concepts

Dan Hostetler, M.A., CADC, CODP I
Chief E
xecutive Officer, Above & Beyond Family Recovery Center

Dr. Joe Gerstein, MD, FACP
Harvard Medical School Faculty (Retired)
Co-Founder of SMART Recovery USA 

News Release:

Chicago, November 22, 2022: Above & Beyond Family Recovery Center holds nation's first weekly "Recovery Movie Meetups" at center in Chicago on  December 13th, according to ANB's Executive Director Dan Hostetler. The meeting will now be repeated every week at 1pm.

"The Recovery Movie Meet-Ups program has proven to be educational and inspirational for our patients. It is an entertaining way to learn more about how others have handled their addiction and recovery process. The Workbook is an excellent guide to support a thought-provoking discussion that is entertaining as well as cathartic. We have found these groups to be highly successful and well-attended."

Bonnie Kimpling, CADC, CODP, CTP

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Would you like to start your own
Recovery Movie Meetups using our Workbook?


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