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A Meeting with SMART Recovery Facilitator

Ted Perkins

“The SMART Recovery Video Guy"
Host of
"Tips & Tool
for Recovery that Works!"

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author of the new book
Addicted in Film
Movies We Love About the Habits We Hate

Barricaded in his bedroom with nothing more than an iTunes movie account, microwave popcorn and Diet Coke, Ted Perkins watched 100 movies about addiction and recovery in 100 days - And through the magic and power of stories and characters he was able to see his addiction in a new light and follow a non-tradition yet highly effective path toward wellness.

Thursday, February 2, 2023
6 to 7:30 p.m. (PST)

Three Ways to Participate:

1. Live and in-person at:
2651 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 180
Henderson NEV
ADA 89074

(Dignity Health Women's Care/Community Outreach Center)

2. Live via Zoom at:

3. stream live on youtube:

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ABOUT TED PERKINS: You may know him from the “TipS and Tools for recovery that WorkS!” videos on the SMART Recovery website. But did you also know that Ted Perkins is in long-term recovery himself? That he is an active SMART Recovery facilitator in los angeles?

And there’s more . . . Ted (a former Hollywood studio executive and working film and TV screenwriter) has written a new book, Addicted in Film, through which he invites us to watch movies about addiction and recovery in ways that strengthen our motivation and reinforce our own recovery goals.

Through this special event, all who participate in SMART Recovery everywhere can meet Ted, hear his story, and participate in helpful conversations (“crosstalk”) about the book and recovery in general.

how TO Purchase ted's book

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Purchase the Paperback or Hardcover Book on Amazon (Click)

Purchase the E-Book at these fine Online Book Retailers (Click)

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